Rent a Paver Laying Clamp

You can rent our Clamps from us at short notice at any time:
Either to just mechanically install your pavers on one of your paving sites or to test them over a longer period of time for a later purchase decision.

We will equip your rental machine with the suitable mechanical suspension and hydraulic couplings. We also clarify the stones to be laid in advance.

Personal instruction at your construction site is also possible on request. Sometimes a introduction per phone is also enough. Depending on your requirements, we are happy to provide you with active support with your planning and costing in advance.
Crediting the rental fee for later purchase
By agreement, we will credit the rental payments upon purchase.
Phone: +49 (0)8024 47508-0
Form: Rental Request
Paver Laying Clamp for excavators
Pflastergreif P01 Miete
Paver Laying Clamp P01-3
For Mini Excavators above 1.7 t
Pflastergreif P12 Miete
Paver Laying Clamp P12-3
For Mini Excavators above 2.5 t
Pflastergreif P02 Miete
Paver Laying Clamp P02-3
For Mini Excavators above 4 t
Pflastergreif HP30 Miete
Paver Laying Clamp HP30
For Mini Excavators above 3 t
Paver Laying Clamp for paver laying machines and loaders
P12 an Probst
Paver laying machines
Machines of all brands and models
Pflastergreif mit Lader - Miete
Machines of all brands, preferably up to 3 tons
Laying Clamps & Grabs
Rasengitterzange - Miete
Turf Stone Clamp
To lay turf stones, either as single stones or in one or two whole layers
Straßenbankettzange - Miete
Banquet Clamp
Laying 4 layers of turf stones in one work cycle
Verkalitstein-Versetzzange - Miete
Verkalit Clamp
For Verkalit Stones with a tongue and groove system.
Pflaster-Verlegezange S400PV - Miete
Paver Laying Grab S400PV
Easy device for installation of laying units. 

Non-binding request

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