As a pioneer, Hunklinger established the efficient, mechanical paver laying with an excavator.

From the former business idea of "excavator paving", Hunklinger has developed into the world's leading supplier of hydraulic paver laying clamps for excavators, laying machines and loaders. 

For more than 25 years we produce future-oriented solutions for paving, road construction and landscaping. Next to the high quality paver laying clamps the Hunklinger brand is characterised by versatile multi purpose laying grabs as well as innovative hand screeding and paving tools.

Brand new on the market is the world's first wheel-driven mobile excavator in the 2 t weight class, the Hunklinger HW20.
Hunklinger Brüder
Hunklinger Brüder 2006 - Albert, Hannes, Lorenz, Bernhard
Company History

The Beginning

Albert Hunklinger Sr., becomes well known in the area as a specialist in metal construction and welding. He sets the basics with workshop and metalworking machines and contributes significantly to the high quality of the products.
1966 - 1996

Paver Laying Clamp Type 03

As an apprentice at the age of 14, Bernhard Hunklinger began working with his father to develop a paver laying clamp with fully hydraulic automatic control. After Albert Hunklinger Sr. had built up a rental fleet of up to five mini-excavators over the years, he became convinced that "excavator paving" was the future. The paving laying clamp Type 03 for excavators from 3 t was developed and received several awards.
Pflastergreif P03 - 1998
1994 – 1998

Founding a Company

Bernhard Hunklinger founds the one-man business „Hunklinger - Production & Distribution of Paver Laying Clamps".

The first Paver Laying Clamp Type 03 is sold

Pflastergreif P03 - 1999

First Trade Show

Hunklinger exhibits the first time at the BAUMA trade fair in Munich.


Bavarian State Prize for Innovation, Talent Award, Professor Adalbert Seifriz Award.
Bayerischer Staatspreis für Innovationen


Bavarian State Prize for Innovation, Talent Award, Professor Adalbert Seifriz Award.

Further Patents

Patents received for herringbone and the powerful GKM-shifting system, among others.

Further Patents

Patents received for herringbone and the powerful GKM-shifting system, among others.

First Trade Shows outside Germany

Exhibition at the Mawev Show 2000 in Ennsdorf, Austria and at the Oega in Switzerland.


In 2000, 12 Pflastergreif P03 units are sold, with sales figures continuing to rise in the following years. The first units are also delivered abroad.
2000 - 2003


Launch of a new, lighter model for excavators from 2 t, the Paver Laying Clamp type 02 and the Stone Grab type 01.400.
Pflastergreif P02 - 2004Steingreif Typ 01.400 - 2004

Bauma 2004

Exhibition at the Bauma 2004 in Munich
Messe bauma 2004

Foreign Trade Fairs

Exhibitor at fairs in Italy (SAIE) and UK (SED)
Messe in Bologna SAIE

Paver Laying Clamp for 45° Herringbone Pattern

Bernhard Hunklinger develops the P05 paver laying clamp for a major contract in England for a port with a paving area of 600,000 m².
Pflastergreif P05 am Hafen

Stone Grab Type 01.100

Market launch of the smaller and lighter type 01.100 as curb clamp.
Steingreif Typ 01.100

New factory & expansion

More production capacities: Opening of plant 2 for assembly.
Successful market entry in Denmark and Holland with exclusive trade partners.

Exhibitor at Intermat in Paris

Amann Yanmar France invites Hunklinger to participate in the Intermat Paris 2006 trade fair.
Messe Internat Paris 2006

Paver Laying Clamp Type 01

Market launch of a new, lighter paver laying clamp for excavators from 1.6 t
Pflastergreif P01
Pflastergreif P02-twin Bauma

Paver Laying Clamp P02-Twin

At Bauma in Munich, the P02 paver laying clamp is presented as a twin clamp for laying two stone layers per cycle. The Pflastergreif P02-twin will be sold several times from 2007.

Further Patents

Patents for the twist-system and an additional grab ("ZSG" system)

Pflastergreif P02 supertwist

Market launch of paver laying clamp P02 supertwist
Pflastergreif P02 super twist

New Solutions

Development of an adapter for 45° herringbone pattern
Fischgrätadapter 45°

New Model: Stone Grab S1000

The S1000 is a stone grab version for boulders weighing up to 1,500 kg.
Steingreif S1000
Hunklinger allortech

Foundation oft Hunklinger allortech

Albert and Lorenz Hunklinger found an independent company for the worldwide distribution and marketing of the Hunklinger brand.

New Model: Paver Laying Clamp P12

The P12 paver laying clamp is designed for mini-excavators from 2.5 t, paving machines and loaders.
Pflastergreif P12

New Model: Paver Laying Clamp P32

The paver laying clamp P32 has more shifting power with its double cylinder.
Pflastergreif P32


The proven P03 and P32 models are further developed into the twist version.
twist System - 2011

New Stone Grab S600F

The S600F stone grip introduces a fixed-mount version for the 5 t excavator class.
Steingreif S600


Hunklinger invests in a 45,000 sqm site with factory buildings to expand development & production.


The proven P01, P12 and P02 models have the twist-system now as a standard.


Hunklinger delivers first clamps to Brazil, Uruguay, Guyana, Russia, Afghanistan, Dubai, Bahrain, Nigeria, among others.

Fair Trade in Dubai

A large national construction machinery dealer invites Hunklinger to participate in the BIG 5 in Dubai.
Messe Dubai

Shifting Adapter-Plus

In order to shift difficult paving stones, Hunklinger develops a new system which moves one row after the other.

New Series -2

The Paver Laying Clamp P01, P12 and P02 are being further developed into series -2.
Pflastergreif P12-2 twist

Power Screeder

Lightweight, ergonomic hand screeding tools are added to the product portfolio and successfully launched.
Planierflieger PFL-300

New Office Building

Hunklinger allortech moves into a new office building.
Vertriebsgebäude Hunklinger allortech

Paver Laying Grab S400PV

Introduction of the Paver Laying Grab S400PV. Even the smallest areas can be laid profitably by machine with the S400PV.
Pflaster-Verlegegreifer S400PV

New Patent

The Shifting Adapter-Plus is now patented.
Pflastergreif P12-2 manuell

New Version of the Paver Laying Clamps

Changeover valve replaces automatic control on models P01 rotosemi-manual and P12 rotosemi-manual.
Pflastergreif HP30

New Paver Laying Clamp HP30, Series -3

Successful launch of the newly developed model HP30 and the new series-3 at P01, P12 and P02.
Mini-Mobilbagger HW20

Mini Mobile Excavator HW20 - World's First

After 10 years of development: Market launch of the Hunklinger HW20 mini wheeled excavator.
From the idea of crossing a conventional mini excavator with a paving machine, the world's first wheel-driven mini excavator in the 2 ton class was created.
25 Jahre

25th company anniversary

In 1999, Bernhard Hunklinger founds the one-man business „Hunklinger - Production & Distribution of Paver Laying Clamps" and is celebrating its 25th company anniversary this year.
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