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Brand new generation of paver laying clamps with even more power, even more stability and even more functionality.

For excavators above 3 t
The new paver clamp HP30 is a completely new model of Hunklinger Paver Laying Clamp built from scratch.

Its shifting unit solves previously unsolved problems when shifting stone layers into the stretcher bond. The new design of the shifting arms and the much higher shifting force makes this possible.
The new push-off system works with maximum efficiency.

The 2nd control program increases flexibility enormously.
Pflastergreif P12-3Pflastergreif HP30
The HP30 paving clamp is a newly designed model. The entire main frame, the push-off system and the complete shifting unit have been redesigned from the ground up.

The HP30 is the predestined device for rectangular stones that are particularly difficult to shift and have very large interlocking spacers. This is exactly what it was designed for. Significantly more powerful shifting cylinders in combination with very stable shifting arms give the HP30 far more shifting force.

The proven GKM kinematics of the P02 have been adopted. This means that the speed and force of the side arms are optimal at all times.

The patented, fully hydraulic automatic control allows a greater oil flow than other models. This enables a shorter gripping cycle, depending on the liter capacity of the carrier machine.
In addition, the path length of the side arms on the HP30 can be halved by simple adjustment, which shortens the time of the automatic cycle even more.

With a second control program, you can use the HP30 particularly flexibly for all possible paving systems. This allows the machine operator to switch-off the side arms from the automatic process at any time. This is done without electrical power, purely mechanically. This is relevant if, for example, stones with a fine surface or very large format are better shifted on the ground.
The HP30 is also predestined for moving on 1/2 of large format stones and slabs up to format 60/30 or 60/40.
The innovative mode of action of the push off system ADE further improves the laying quality.
The two guiding wheels for positioning on the laying edge can each be adjusted to up to four positions. This is very useful in some laying situations. Only the HP30 has this option.

The HP30 paving clamp can be used with mini excavators from approx. 3 t. It is also built more robustly than the other models, making it ideal for large excavators.

The new kerb support enables simple, direct laying on low kerbs as a laying edge.

Proven and indispensable, the patented Hunklinger twist clamping system ensures safe gripping of even heavily twisted laying units. This is particularly useful for short, conical spacers, which are especially common with drainage or seepage stones.
Very good shifting force
Very robustly built
Fast gripping cycle
New push-off-system ADE for even batter laying quality
Newly designed fixed foot
2nd control program
Greater oil flow
Low, compact design
Simple, quick and, above all, tool-free adjustment to different lengths, widths and thicknesses of stone layers
360° endless rotator for maximum mobility
Automatic control sequence stopps at any position desired and continues backwards / forwards
Shifting of rectangular stones is an automatic function
Shifting H-Stones in position also works without additional equipment
Very simple inclination adjustment
Main clamp arm opens upwards, stones can be gripped very low and the bedding remains untouched
Safety handles, easily removable
Shelf for quick coupler attachment
Active swing brake in two swing directions in the mechanical connection between excavator and device
The individual clamping lamellas made of high-strength special steel can be individually fine-tuned in the clamping force if required
Dead weight: 258 kg
Load capacity: 400 kg
Stone thickness: 4 – 16 cm
Main clamping width: 60 – 100 cm
Side clamp setting range: 100 – 150 cm
Excavators from 3 t
The HP30 can lay all types of concrete paving (rectangular stones, composite stones, eco stones, plates, clinker stones) without additional adapters.
The only exceptions can be found under Special Adapters.
Here is a small overview of typical stone variants
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Special adapters are necessary for following laying units:
  • What our customers say

    Customer Comments

    We had to move the 10x20x8 MultiTec rectangular pavers from Kann, which are difficult to move, into the half-brick bond. The very advanced, compact and robust HP30 came to grips with the 6 shifting locks per block on 7 rows of joints in connection with the shifting adapter-plus and delivered a perfect joint pattern. A clamp that can handle this difficult to move paving can also handle any other block format.
    CB Hoch- und Tiefbauunternehmung
    Carl Becker


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