Paver laying grab

The simple and affordable
entry into machine laying

The S400PV Paver Laying Grab is a simple hydraulic attachment for mechanical laying. Its low purchase price makes it a cost-effective tool even for very small areas.

The S400PV is also a very versatile device. With the paver gripping jaws, it is just one of the many variants of the Multi-Stone Grab S400.
Pflaster-Verlegegreifer S400PVPflaster-Verlegegreifer S400PV
The Paver Laying Grab S400PV is the result of the Multi-Stone Grab S400 and a paver jaw set. It is a simple device because it has no side arms. It is not possible to align loose laying units or even shift rectangular stones.

However, it is equipped with a push-off system that produces a good laying quality. As with the conventional Paver Laying Clamps, the gripping depth can be adjusted without tools.
The S400 also has a simple inclination adjustment. It is equipped with a 360° rotator as standard, which can be optionally excluded. It is also equipped with two handles.

The S400PV is based on the principle of exchangeable jaws. With a wide range of additional gripping jaws for kerbstones, block steps, turfstones, gutter stones, palisades, steles, slabs, L-stones, slabs and natural stones or boulders, it is extremely versatile. An investment in this device pays for itself in a very short time.
Multi-Stone Grab S400 + paving jaw = Paver Laying Grab S400PV
Noside arms: no side clamping, no shifting
With push-off system for good laying quality
Toolless adjustment to different stone thicknesses
With 360° rotator, optionally without
Simple inclination adjustment
Chain connection
Two synchronously working cylinders protected in the frame
Two adjustable guide handles provide additional stability
Two adjustable guiding wheels
Shelf for quick coupler attachment
Two pressure levels, easily adjustable
Dead weight: 193 kg
Load capacity: 270 kg
Stone thickness: 8 – 12 cm
Gripping Range: 32 – 127 cm
Carrier Machines: Excavators above 2 t, loaders, laying machines
Excavators above 2 t
Paver laying machines of all manufacturers, either old or brand new
The Paver Laying Grab S400PV can lay the following concrete paving, among others.
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Further application areas

with other gripping jaws

Kerb Stone Clamp
For high-, low and curved kerbs
Clamp for „Kassel Kerbs“
To precisely placing "Kassel Kerbs" next to each other along a cord
Clamp for flat kerbs
To create traffic islands and bus stops
Block Step Clamp
For moving block steps or concrete blocks
Turf Stone Clamp
To lay turf stones, either as single stones or in layers
Stone Clamp
The Stone Clamp seizes either quarry-stones, round stones like foundlings or square-edged stones like ashlar rocks
L-Stone Clamp
This grab ensures an easy and reliable handling of L-shaped elements
Paver Handling Grab
Picking up pavers from the pallet & distributing them
Palisade Grab
Lifts palisades, steles or longer construction elements from a horizontal position and installs them vertically
Slab Laying Clamp
For large natural and concrete slabs
Verkalit Clamp
For Verkalit Stones with a tongue and groove system.
Banquet Clamp
Laying 4 layers of turf stones in one work cycle

Models Paver Laying Clamps

Our paver laying clamps for different requirements and carrier machines
Paver Laying Clamp P01-3
Modell - Pflastergreif P01-3
The light weight
For mini-excavators from 1.7 t
Paver Laying Clamp P12-3
Modell - Pflastergreif P012-3
The universal
For mini-excavators above 2.5 t
Paver Laying Clamp P02-3
Modell - Pflastergreif P02-3
The robust
For mini-excavators above 4 t
Paver Laying Clamp HP30
Modell - Pflastergreif HP30
The powerful
For mini-excavators above 3 t
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